Park Street crash prompts residents to call for more signage

A car crash on the corner of Park Street and Duke Street is prompting residents to call for more traffic signs at the intersection. (Photo by Michael Hugall)

A two-vehicle crash on Park Street on Friday is causing some Chatham residents to wonder what more can be done to protect motorists.

Renee Phillip, a Chatham resident who has lived on the corner of Park Street and Duke for about eight years, is fed up. She said a driver of a white mini-van ran a stop sign and t-boned another vehicle. This is the fourth or fifth time she has seen an accident at the intersection and said she wants the municipality to do more to prevent it from happening again.

“I believe they should make it a four-way stop to reduce the speed coming down Park Street,” said Phillip. “Coming over the tracks, you can’t see anything and visibility is poor because of all of the equipment.”

Phillip and her husband have a young son named Onyx. She said they will not let him play in the front yard of the duplex out of concern for his safety.

“We’ve seen many accidents,” she said. “A couple have been major. The rest were minor but it’s just poor visibility. It’s a two-way stop but it needs to be a four-way stop.”

Phillip called Chatham-Kent police to the scene around 9:30 a.m. There were no injuries reported and no one was taken to the hospital.