Waves crash over the pier at Erieau Beach on Lake Erie. March 8, 2017. (Photo courtesy of Cindy June via Facebook)

Flood watch issued for Lake Erie shoreline and Erie Shore Drive

Strong winds are in the forecast for the Lake Erie shoreline in Chatham-Kent and Elgin County.

According to the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA), wind speeds of up to 30 and 45 km/hr from the south are expected Sunday afternoon and evening with gusts up to 60 km/hr. Waves could reach 1.5 m in height.

There is also a risk of flooding and wave spray related flooding in low lying shoreline areas such as Erie Shore Drive. The strong winds also pose of risk of damaging shoreline protection works and causing shoreline erosion on south-facing shorelines.

Conservation officials are urging residents along the shoreline to pay close attention to conditions and prepare accordingly. They also remind people to take extra caution along shorelines and keep children and pets away from the water.