Spring cleanup planned for Tilbury area

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / LianeM

Anyone looking to do some good this long weekend in Chatham-Kent can join Councillor Mark Authier in Tilbury.

With the help of the municipality, the West Kent councillor is organizing a garbage cleanup in the Tilbury area Saturday morning.

Authier said this is the second spring cleanup he’s planned. He said last year’s turn out was on the smaller side but, thanks to better advertising and word of mouth, is hopeful this year will draw a large crowd.

“We’ll kind of span out through Tilbury, hit the parks and all the public sidewalks, alleys, things like that, clean all those up,” he explained. “Then, if it’s dry enough and time allowing, we’re going to head to Queen’s Line.”

According to Authier, during last year’s cleanup on Queen’s Line alone, the team collected enough trash to fill a pick-up truck.

“The sad part is that I drive by that area every day and… again [there’s] more garbage in that area,” he said. “So, that will be another spot we’ll have to clean up again. It is tragic, it’s sad to see. I can’t believe how many people throw stuff out.”

Authier said he’s always been someone who’s passionate about cleaning up after himself. However, seeing all the garbage on Queen’s Line, especially on his drive to work, was a real eyeopener that something needed to be done.

“I can’t believe all the garbage,” Authier said. “Plastic that’s floating up in the ditches, cricks. I can’t believe that we’re that dirty of a society that we can’t keep that Tim Horton’s cup or water bottle or McDolands bag in their car to take home with them and throw it in the garbage there.”

He added that he’s hoping to see some parent’s get involved in the cleanup in order to set a good example for the younger residents out there.

“Kids see that happening by the parents and they’re going to do the same thing. We really need to get it sunk in that you shouldn’t just be throwing things out the window,” he said.

The cleanup will start at 9 a.m. Saturday morning at Memorial Park in Tilbury. Garbage bags and latex gloves will be provided by the municipality. With all the rain over the last few weeks, Authier suggested that anyone coming to help clean should wear boots.