Waves crash over the pier at Erieau Beach on Lake Erie. March 8, 2017. (Photo courtesy of Cindy June via Facebook)

UPDATE: Flood warnings downgraded for Erieau, Lake Erie Shoreline, Rondeau Bay area

Conservation officials are monitoring water levels as windy conditions continue and more rain is expected on Thursday.

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA) issued flood warnings for Erieau, Rondeau Bay, and the Lake Erie Shoreline late Wednesday afternoon. The warning was originally expected to remain in effect until Friday. However, the warning was downgraded to a flood watch Thursday morning.

Conservation officials report that flooding started at some properties on Wednesday, including those that back up onto Rondeau Bay, as well as those in the Erieau and Shrewsbury. With more rainfall expected Thursday afternoon and night, conservation officials suspect that there will be a greater flood risk along Erie Shore Drive and other nearby areas.

“The flooding in Erieau already appears worse than that experienced last week,” the LTVCA said in a media release. “Properties on the bay side are most affected, with water on the properties, around homes and on some of the roads. There are also some properties in Shrewsbury that are affected.”

Although areas such as Erie Shore Drive and Rondeau Bay Estates are expected to get hit the hardest, conservation officials said the whole Lake Erie shoreline in Chatham-Kent and Elgin County will be at risk of further damage to the shoreline from this week’s wave action.

Residents who live along the shoreline are still advised to be careful and avoid slippery areas.

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