Bridge vandals strike again but this time in Wallaceburg

Lord Selkirk Bridge in Wallaceburg. January 30, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

Chatham-Kent officials are again urging people to respect safety measures on local bridges after recent vandalism and trespassing incidents at two of the spans.

The municipality said the latest vandalism and trespassing occurred on the Lord Selkirk Bridge, which is currently under construction in Wallaceburg.

It added the traffic and pedestrian controls are in place for a reason.

“These controls are in place for the safety of both the public and construction workers alike,” said Chris Thibert, director of engineering and transportation.

On Tuesday, someone drove across the Fifth Street bridge in Chatham, which is also under construction.

That closure is expected to last until May 13. The bridge is closed to traffic until then but is open to pedestrians on one side. Barricades are set up while work is being done but a driver moved the barricades and drove across the bridge. Thibert said that move put several people, including the driver, at risk.

Construction equipment was also stolen from the worksite just over a week after vandals cut electrical wires and damaged ductwork under the bridge.

Chatham-Kent officials emphasized that the continued thefts and vandalism at the Fifth Street bridge will only cause more delays for the project.

Call the Chatham-Kent Police Service if you have any information about these recent acts of vandalism or witness any suspicious activity at the bridge.