Chatham CN and CP railway crossings will be fixed

A railway crossing on Keil Dr S in Chatham (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

Driving conditions along Keil Drive South in Chatham will get a little smoother within the next few months.

Ryan Brown, director of Public Works, said the municipality is working with CN and CP officials to address issues at the railway crossings located at Keil Drive South and Richmond Street and Keil Drive South and Park Avenue West.

Work at the railway crossings is expected to start in late May or early June. The projects are under CN and CP, however, the municipality will work to direct traffic and reduce lanes as necessary.

“We’ll be doing a traffic control plan for half the lanes at a time,” said Brown. “It may be a little slow going for a couple of days while they do each side but other than that there won’t be a full [road] closure.”

In total, Brown said the concrete and asphalt work is expected to take about a week to complete. A specific date as to when work at the crossings will start has not been “set in stone” but Brown notes that asphalt plants have not opened yet and the hot mix is required in the repaving process.

As to whether or not more railway crossings in the area will be fixed this summer, Brown said it’s not something he can speak to at this time.

“I don’t know what other plans they have for any other crossings this summer but they’re continuously fixing many different crossings,” he said. “We’re very knowledgeable of the situation and we work with CN and CP all of the time because we’re partners in this and we need to work together.”

To ensure that the work will be done at the crossings, Mayor Darrin Canniff will write a letter to CN and CP officials, as discussed at Monday night’s council meeting.

Once a specific date for construction work at the railway crossings is set, they will be added to the Closures page on