CK police give $45K to help fund victims services.

Chatham-Kent Police Chief, Gary Conn, addresses the board at the December meeting. December 19, 2018. (Photo by Greg Higgins)

The Chatham-Kent Police Service donated over $40,000 to victim services, which provides support to victims of crime and tragic circumstances.

The announcement was made the police board meeting Thursday where police Chief Gary Conn was proud to present the $45,000 cheque. According to Conn, the service’s main funding comes through the Ministry of the Attorney General.

“The funding they receive, bottom line, it’s just not enough,” Conn said. “This funding augments what they receive from the ministry. Their service is critical to our community as a whole.”

The service provides emotional support, practical assistance, information, and referrals for victims. Conn said the Chatham-Kent Victim Service has grown and evolved since 2001 to meet the needs of anyone affected by crime and tragedy.

Aside from funding, the Chatham-Kent Police Service provides office space and interview rooms for the Victim Services staff to work. Conn also wanted to acknowledge the work the staff does to provide the service.

“They are dedicated and passionate members, committed to supporting victims in our municipality,” Conn said.