Faubert back in as KFA President

KFA President Ron Faubert at Local Food Week festivities in Chatham. June 4, 2018. (Photo by Sarah Cowan Blackburn News Chatham-Kent).

Ron Faubert has been re-elected as president of the Kent Federation of Agriculture.

Faubert said he was pleased to stay on as president and hopes to further the initiatives the KFA have been working on. He’s also aiming to help solve both short and long-term issues that many farmers face.

“We’re pushing hard for highspeed internet in rural Ontario,” said Faubert. “Agriculture needs it, their using technology that needs it and we have to have access to it to make our farms better and more efficient.”

Faubert said he’s excited to work together with the new members of city council to find efficient and cost saving resolutions for agriculture-related concerns.

“Bridges and roads are still an issue. There’s been discussion about closing some roads in the municipality because they can’t afford to keep them open, which is a big concern for agriculture because that’s how we move our product to the market,” said Faubert. “That’s something we want to work with the municipality on to get some better solutions to try to keep these roads functional,” Faubert said.

One of the biggest issues facing farmers this year has been a severe outbreak of corn mould. According to Faubert, various organizations are actively working together to help solve the problem and ensure farmers are able to get some of their revenue back.

Faubert said he is ready to resolve any issues that come his way in the presidential role — not just for the sake of agriculture, but for everyone living in Chatham-Kent.

With files from Natalia Vega