Hundreds register for Goodfellow Christmas baskets

Volunteers help pack boxes of food for the Chatham Goodfellows, December 21, 2016 (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

Despite technical difficulties, nearly 1,500 names were collected for the Chatham Goodfellows “No Child Without a Christmas” Campaign.

Registration ran from November 5 to 30. During the course of the project, the office faced a few issues but board member Tim Mifflin said they were able to pull through and get the same number of signups as they did in 2017.

“It appears although we’ll be serving 1,420 families again this year,” said Mifflin “One of the issues we had this year was a late start getting our office up and running. We also had some telephone issues, our phones were not working. But I am confident that we will be equal to or more than 1,420 again this year.”

Those who registered their families will get a basket filled with all the ingredients needed to make a holiday dinner as well as toys and hygiene products for children.

The next step for the organization is their Porchlight Campaign on Monday night. Residents of Chatham are asked to leave their porch light on and a member of the Goodfellows will come collect a donation from the household. Money raised will be used to purchase the turkeys and ham for the Christmas baskets.