Classical music ensemble coming to Chatham

Featured musicians of the Magisterra Soloists. (Photo courtesy of

Classical music fans in Chatham-Kent are in for a treat.

The Magisterra Soloists will be performing a Baroque Christmas concert on December 7 at Christ Church.

The eleven-piece string ensemble will play holiday-themed music that was written in the 16th and 17th century. Guests will also get the unique experience of hearing a harpsichord played.

“It’s the ancestor of the piano,” said Outreach Coordinator and violinist, Jordan Clayton. “People rarely get an opportunity to hear it in concert. I think it will be different sounds and textures that people have maybe heard in passing but have never seen up close. I have a feeling that will be interesting to newcomers of classical music.”

Based out of London, the Magisterra Soloists were formed in 2015 by acclaimed violinist and Western University professor Annette-Barbara Vogel. They currently have a roster of over 35 musicians hailing from 35 different countries Their goal is to make classical music more accessible to smaller communities. In addition to concerts, they also visit schools across the province in an outreach program designed to give students a hands-on exposure to the musical style.

All ages are welcome to attend the show and according to Clayton, you don’t have to be a classical music buff to have a great time.

“I think people who haven’t had a lot of exposure to classical music will be pleasantly surprised to see even music that was written hundreds of years ago can really grip your attention and bring a lot of excitement,” Clayton said.

You can learn more about the event and purchase tickets by clicking here.