Pedestrian, police cruiser, school bus all hit at the same Chatham intersection

The side of a Chatham-Kent police cruiser. (Photo by Greg Higgins)

Chatham-Kent police are still investigating after a pair of crashes took place at the intersection of Richmond Street and Lacroix Street in Chatham Monday morning.

Police said the first crash involved a pedestrian and took place just before 6:30 a.m. Officers said a 53-year-old woman was hit by a vehicle while she was crossing the street. Only minor injuries were reported and no charges were laid.

Police said while officers were responding to that incident, a car that was heading west on Richmond Street hit a school bus that was turning north onto Lacroix Street.

The impact of the second crash sent the car into a parked police cruiser with an officer sitting in it.

There were no kids on the bus at the time of the collision and the officer who was sitting in the cruiser wasn’t hurt. The 43-year-old woman who was driving the car that hit the bus and the cruiser was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

The total damages are estimated at $18,000 and no charges have been laid yet.