Chatham Kent Women’s Centre recognized by members of Parliament

MPP Rick Nicholls presents a certificate to Chatham Kent Women's Centre's Executive Director and Board President. ((Photo courtesy of Chatham Kent Women's Centre Facebook)

The Chatham Kent Women’s Centre (CKWC) received a special honour from the government to commemorate its 40th anniversary.

MP Dave Van Kesteren and MPP Rick Nicholls stopped by the centre to present them with certificates that recognize the support they have provided to the Chatham-Kent community over the past four decades.

Executive Director Karen Hunter said she believes it’s very important for the government to showcase their support towards an organization like the women’s centre.

“I think there’s still a lot of myths about domestic assault and about violence against women and children,” said Hunter. “I think it’s good for our government to understand, recognize and appreciate that we’re doing everything we can to try and end violence in our community.”

Hunter said the honour is an impactful and important reminder that domestic violence is not an isolated event and that there are many people in the community affected by it. However, she is hopeful that in the next 40 year even greater strides will be taken to end domestic assault.

“I think certainly that this organization won’t have to exist in 40 years time and we will have found a way to end violence in the community. That’s what we work towards every day,” Hunter said.

The women’s centre celebrated their anniversary earlier in the month with a gala. The milestone coincides with Woman Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario and they will end the month with their luminary event on November 30 where attendees will gather at the centre to remember those in Ontario who were victims of domestic violence during the past year.