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CK police offer bike registry

Chatham-Kent police are continuing to offer a bicycle registry service to help get your bike back to you sooner if it gets stolen.

They recommend investing in a good quality lock and securing both the frame and the wheels to an immovable object. Hard “D” or “U” shaped locks are more difficult to cut through. Cable locks should be avoided.

Most modern bicycles come engraved with a serial number which can be recorded on file in case of theft. If your bicycle does not have a serial number, C-K police recommend engraving an identifying number or feature on the frame, as well as the wheels and any other removable components.

Most home insurance covers bicycles up to $1,000. Bicycles worth more can be insured separately.

If your bicycle has been stolen, file a report with the CK police and monitor pawn shops, auctions and buy-and-sell websites.

You must have a valid e-mail address to register your bike with the CK police registry.