Whyte’s Manufacturing Plant Coming To Wallaceburg

Whyte's Foods president Elisabeth Kawaja, announces plans for a new food processing facility in Wallaceburg. August 23, 2018. (Photo by Greg Higgins)

It’s a big economic boost for the Wallaceburg-area.

Manufacturing company Whyte’s Foods is planning to set up a new food processing facility in Wallaceburg to distribute their Strub’s brand pickles, peppers and cucumbers.

The company is investing $16.5-million into expansion in Ontario, which includes the 150,000 sq ft building, located at 6800 Base Line.

President of Whyte’s Elisabeth Kawaja, said while creating a facility in southwest Ontario has been in the works for roughly three years the company decided on Wallaceburg because it was simply the best fit.

“We are so impressed by the community here,” Kawaja said. “There’s an amazingly robust agricultural industry here, which help us tremendously because we’re entirely crop-based.”

Kawaja added it worked geographically as well because the company plans to sell goods across the border.

Claude Brière, vice president of Sales & Marketing, said this is one of the most important investments Whyte’s has ever made.

“This sets the bar for future growth in Canada, with Canadians and for Canadians,” Brière said.

The plant is expected to be open by the fall of 2019 and is expected to create around 100 new jobs for the community.