The Civic Centre in Chatham. ( file photo)

Two Weeks Left To File Papers To Run In Municipal Election

A couple of local women have joined the race, in campaigning for a seat on Chatham-Kent council. As it stands, of the 32 residents running for council, only six are women.

The deadline to file nomination papers for the upcoming municipal election is July 27.

Below is a current list of people running for a position on Chatham-Kent council. The names in bold are those who filed their papers this week. Under the council section is an updated list of people running for mayor and those running for a position in local school boards.

Ward 1 – West Kent (Two seats)

  • Melissa Harrigan
  • Mark Authier (current councillor)
  • Bryon Fluker (current councillor)
  • Mark Pastorius

Ward 2 – South Kent (Three seats)

  • Mary Clare Latimer
  • Trevor Thompson (current councillor)
  • Frank Vercouteren (current councillor)
  • Art Stirling
  • Henry Svec

Ward 3 – East Kent (Two seats)

  • David VanDamme (current councillor)
  • Steve Pinsonneault (current councillor)

Ward 4 – North Kent (Two seats)

  • Patricia Sylvain
  • Steven Scott
  • Joey Cyples
  • Dylan Robert McLay

Ward 5 – Wallaceburg (Two seats)

  • Carmen McGregor (current councillor)
  • Randy McNeil
  • Chris Glassford
  • Aaron Hall
  • Nicolas Cadotte

Ward 6 – Chatham (Six seats)

  • Brock McGregor (current councillor)
  • Michael Bondy (current councillor)
  • Doug Sulman (current councillor)
  • Les Banks
  • Marjorie Crew
  • James Thompson
  • Larry Vellinga
  • Ryan Jackson
  • Chris June
  • Kirk Hooker
  • Karen Kirkwood-Whyte
  • Drew Simpson

East Kent resident Harold Atkinson has joined the mayoral race. Other candidates include current Mayor Randy Hope, Councillor Darrin Canniff, local advocate Alysson Storey, and Chatham resident Robert Salvatore Powers.

As for those running for a position as trustee in local school boards, Derek Robertson, Shannon Sasseville and Ruth Ann Dodman filed their nomination papers this week. Below is a list of residents vying for a trustee position.

Lambton-Kent District School Board

Wards 1-3 (Two seats) – Chris White

Wards 4-5 (One seat) – None

Ward 6 (Two seats) – Derek Robertson, Ruth Ann Dodman and Shannon Sasseville

St. Clair Catholic District School Board

Wards 1-2 (One seat) – Branda Rumble

Ward 3 (One seat) – None

Wards 4-5 (One seat) – Van Heck

Ward 6 (One seat) – David Argenti and John Mrnik

French Separate Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence

Chatham-Kent (Two seats) – Louise Aitken and Robert (Bob) Demers

French Public – Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas (One seat) – Pierre Lambert

Blackburn News will provide weekly stories to keep the community up-to-date on who is running in this fall’s municipal election.