CK Police Briefs – Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Don’t Be A Victim Of Fraud

Chatham-Kent police are issuing another warning about fraudsters — and they have three specific tips for how you can make sure you don’t become a victim:

– Police say one sign you may be targeted by scammers is if someone asks for gift cards or prepaid credit cards to pay a “debt” that you’re not aware of.

– Officers are also warning you not to send money through Western Union unless you know exactly who is receiving it (ie. a friend or a family member). Police say legitimate businesses do not use Western Union as a payment option and it is difficult for officers in Canada to investigate international money transfers.

– The final suggestion is to make sure you are never pressured into sending money because of a perceived time limit. Don’t feel pressured into paying someone because they say it is an “emergency.” Stop, assess the situation, and call police or a family member if it seems odd.


Chatham Man Allegedly Breaching Release Conditions

A 22-year-old Chatham man is facing more charges now after allegedly moving to a new place without telling local police.

Officers say they arrested him on Monday after they went to check in on him on July 4 to make sure he was obeying his release conditions.

He’s now accused of breaching his release conditions and failing to notify police of an address change.


Domestic Assault Charges Laid In Wallaceburg

Chatham-Kent police say a Wallaceburg man is facing multiple charges in connection with a domestic violence investigation.

Officers say they got a call on Monday from a Wallaceburg woman who was reporting a domestic assault.

As a result of their investigation, police arrested a Wallaceburg man and charged him with two counts of assault, two counts of assault with a weapon, and one count of uttering threats.