CK Police Still Pursuing Dresden Raceway Shooter

Dresden Raceway shooting investigation. May 7, 2018. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

Police aren’t giving up on finding the culprit responsible for a shooting at Dresden Raceway last month.

According to police, Dwayne McFadden, 58, sustained a non-life-threatening injury from a gunshot wound in the late evening of Saturday, May 5.

A released issued Thursday by Chatham-Kent police said detectives from the Major Crime Unit are still interviewing people and are following up on leads to identify the person responsible and determine a motive.

CK police encouraged anyone with information to contact police or Crime Stoppers.

Officers are particularly looking for anyone who may have seen a vehicle speeding to or from the raceway, heard suspicious noise coming from the raceway, seen suspicious people roaming around Dresden that weekend or have knowledge of anything else relative to this investigation.

Police said it doesn’t matter how insignificant someone might think their information is, they still want it.

“You may just be holding the piece of the puzzle that we’re looking for,” Constable Renee Cowell said in the release.

The release added to contact Constable Shawn Tremblay by email or call 519-436-6618.

To report information anonymously, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).