Volunteers raise the walls for the 2018 CK Habitat for Humanity house in Pain Court, June 12, 2018. (Photo supplied by Anne Taylor)

Volunteers Needed As CK Habitat House Build Begins

The foundation is laid and the walls raised for the fifth Habitat for Humanity project in Chatham-Kent, but volunteers are needed in order to get the new home done on time.

This year’s house is being built in Pain Court for a single mom of two. The walls were raised last week and framing is currently being completed.

Anne Taylor is the volunteer manager for the CK chapter. She said most of the certified tradespeople have already been contracted, but with a goal to finish the home by September, any volunteers are appreciated.

“I have people phone in and say ‘well I’m not really handy.’ Well, you don’t have to be handy,” Taylor said. “You just have to have the willingness to pick up a hammer and help out. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re out there. A lot of people cut themselves short. You learn so much out there and you’ll be working side-by-side with our skilled volunteers.”

Taylor added if people aren’t comfortable with physical labour, but still want to help out, there are many other jobs off the work site.

“There’s lots to do at the ReStore here,” Taylor said. “We’re always looking for cashiers, people to go out on the truck to pick up donations, or those willing to price items.”

The organization began building homes in the area in 2013. Taylor said the program has been so successful and had such great reception, they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The volunteer manager also wanted to remind the public about the impact Habitat for Humanity can have on the community.

“It is life-changing for these families,” Taylor said. “It offers them a new start and a hand up. For these homeowners to see their community rally behind them, step up and swing a hammer, it takes them back a bit.”

The point of the program is to provide a deserving family the chance to own a home and have a better life. The families don’t have to put a down payment on the home, but do have to pay a monthly interest-free mortgage.

Families must make between $22,000 and $48,000 annually, depending on size, to be able to afford the mortgage costs.

In order for a family to purchase the home, they must complete 500 hours of “approved sweat equity or volunteering.”

Taylor said anyone interested in volunteering can visit Habitats website where there is also a section for families to apply for a home of their own.