Child playing in spray pad. Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / liveslow

Chatham-Kent To Wrap Up Long Weekend With A Splash

Starting this Victoria Day Monday, splash pads will be opening in Chatham-Kent.

Manager of Parks and Open Spaces Jeff Bray says the municipality is currently in the process of “unwinterizing” the pads, but kids and families can start having some fun in the water next week.

Splash pad opening dates include:

Monday, May 21: Bothwell, Thamesville, Tilbury, and Wheatley

Friday, June 1(Approximately): Ridgetown

Saturday, June 2: Merlin

Monday, June 4: Chatham and Mitchell’s Bay

The opening dates for Blenheim and Wallaceburg are to be determined.

Bray says the Kingston Park splash pad is being opened a couple weeks later than usual this year. He says he’s found in the past few years, it was a lot of work to get the pad open for the weekend while kids are still in school.

“We opened it a little prematurely and there were some issues that we had to repair, so we don’t want to have it up and running and suddenly take it back down,” explains Bray. “We want to make sure everything is running smoothly and then when it starts it’s good for the season.”

Bray says many kids and families always come out to the splash pad openings every year.

“Splash pads are really popular everywhere, especially the Kingston Park one. It just gives people a greater variety in the park system,” he says.

Bray says there’s also a few new splash pads to enjoy.

“If anyone is in Wallaceburg, they have the new splash pad that just was up and running last year — it’s pretty popular. The volunteers there did a great job getting the money together and it’s our newest addition,” he says. “Also, the one in Thamesville is a relatively new one.”