Flooding at Rondeau Provincial Park. May 15, 2018. (Photo by Sarah Cowan Blackburn News Chatham-Kent).

Bird Watchers Flock To Rondeau Despite Flooding

Flooding at Rondeau Provincial Park isn’t stopping park goers from enjoying the outdoors.

It was reported on Tuesday that the campground at the park will be closed until further notice because of flooding concerns. However, the park itself remains open for day use from 8am until 10pm.

Visitor Robert Baumander says he came all the way from Toronto to bird watch at Rondeau on Tuesday.

“With the rain and the height of migration, this has been one of the best days we’ve ever had birding,” says Baumander. “Tons and tons of warblers and we’re looking at a whippoorwill up in a tree.”

Baumander says he comes to Rondeau almost every year.

Also from Toronto, a visitor named Theresa says she’s been at Rondeau since Friday night.

“We had many thunderstorms coming through but also many birds migrated north and it’s been very nice for bird watching in the park,” she says.

Theresa says she was leaving on Tuesday anyway, so she “got lucky” and wasn’t affected by the news of the campgrounds being shut down.

Steve Ogle is another park goer that travelled all the way from British Columbia to hang out with his two sons at the park.

“We only have one day, so we thought we’d enjoy the places that they told us we’re open… there’s been a lot of trails that are closed now, but that’s fine,” he says. “There’s hardly anybody in the park, so there’s lots of different places to go without getting your feet wet.”

Ogle says he’s been coming to Rondeau for over 30 years and he’s never seen this much water.