Police Briefs-Sunday, May 13, 2018

A wanted Ridgetown man was caught hiding from police in a dog house.

Police say on April 29, officers were on general patrol in Blenheim when a wanted man drove past them.

The officers knew this man was currently wanted on a warrant with Chatham-Kent police and currently had a suspended drivers license. The officers tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver got out and ran away.

As a result, multiple warrants were issued for his arrest.

On Saturday, officers were on general patrol in Shrewsbury and found the man riding a bicycle down the roadway. The man tried to escape police again, but was found in a dog house.

A 28-year-old Ridgetown man was arrested on the following charges:

– Three counts of failure to comply with recognizance

– Driving while under suspension

– Using an altered license plate

– Operating an unsafe vehicle

– Using improper tires

– Using a license plate not authorized for vehicle

The man was taken to Chatham-Kent Police Headquarters and held for a bail hearing.

A Chatham man is facing several charges after trying to run from police.

Police say in August of 2017, a man was released from custody with multiple conditions. Some of his conditions were to not possess or consume illegal drugs. He also had multiple bans on driving.

On Saturday at around 5pm, officers on general patrol in Chatham noticed the man driving a vehicle.

Police say the man then tried to escape the officers by making many turns down side streets. He then quickly stopped the vehicle, got out, and tried to run away. He was quickly arrested.

A 31- year-old Chatham man has been charged with the following:

– Two counts of possession of drugs

– Possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking

– Three counts of driving while disqualified

– Failure to comply with probation

– Failure to comply with being arrested

He was taken to Chatham-Kent Police Service Headquarters where he has been held for a bail hearing.