90 Park St. in Chatham. (Photo taken from Google Maps).

Park St. Home To Remain Heritage House

An ongoing dispute regarding the heritage designation of a Chatham home has finally been put to rest by Chatham-Kent Council.

The owner of 90 Park St. in Chatham, Helen Campbell, regrets applying for the heritage designation bylaw and has been fighting for the past three years to have it repealed.

On March 26, two motions regarding the property’s heritage designation were presented to council and both were defeated with tie votes. The municipality’s chief legal officer determined during the meeting that Legal Services needed time to review the motions and return to council.

Chatham-Kent councillors voted 8-7 Monday night to receive an information report, which indicated that the heritage designation of 90 Park St. will remain in effect unless councillors chose to introduce another motion to have it repealed.

A new motion was not introduced by council Monday evening.