Flooding on Coho St. near Rondeau Provincial Park. (Photo courtesy of the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority)

Lake Erie Shoreline Flooding To Continue Monday

A flood warning remains in effect Monday for Chatham-Kent residents living along the Lake Erie shoreline.

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA) reported over the weekend that strong winds were causing localized flooding in the Rose Beach Line, Coho St., and Bates Dr. areas in Rondeau in Chatham-Kent.

That flooding is expected to continue Monday as the wind comes out of the southwest with sustained speeds of 30 km/h and gusts up to 50 km/h.

Environment Canada’s marine forecast is predicting the waves to reach one metre in height Monday morning before building to two metres Monday afternoon. Those waves should start dying down again a bit near midnight.

A release from the LTVCA says there is a risk that the waves could damage shoreline protection measures and cause some erosion. Officials are also warning that the waves can contain hazardous debris that can be thrown onto the shoreline, so they’re urging residents to avoid going near the water if the conditions get rough.

Possible Flooding Along Thames River

All the rainfall that fell on southwestern Ontario over the weekend could lead to some localized flooding along the Thames River too.

The LTVCA says water levels are expected to remain high for most of the week as water from the London-area makes its way downstream. Those water levels are expected to peak sometime Tuesday with flooding expected in low-lying areas next to the river from Delaware down to Chatham.

Officials with the conservation authority say the water levels in Chatham are expected to rise to the point where they will flood the sidewalk along the river in the downtown area and possibly also the road under the 5th St. Bridge.

However, basement flooding is not expected and officials with the LTVCA say they do not expect they will need to operate the 6th St. Backwater Dam and Pumping Station.