The Great Canadian Flag flies on the Windsor riverfront on July 7, 2017. Photo by Mark Brown, Blackburn News.

CK Councillor Wants National Anthem Played At Meetings

A new tradition may be adopted in the Chatham-Kent council chambers to honour Canada.

Councillor Derek Robertson is presenting a motion Monday night that calls for the Canadian National Anthem to be played at the beginning of each council meeting.

Robertson says he has been on council for over seven years and it has always struck him as odd that the anthem isn’t played at council meetings.

“It just seems logical to me to bring a forward a motion that not only gains the council endorsement to do this, but it also sends a strong message to our community, to the administration within Chatham-Kent,” says Robertson. “It sets the tone properly for all future council meetings.”

Robertson says it’s more than a symbolic gesture.

“It really means something to take a moment to reflect on what it means to be Canadians before we engage in certain activities,” he says.

Robertson says he probably should have brought his motion forward a long time ago, but there is no time like the present.

“I believe that this motion will provide each member of council and the public a moment of reflection at the beginning of each council meeting. I think it will encourage a certain level of civility and professionalism,” explains Robertson. “It will demonstrate the respect for the system that grants us the privilege to serve in our elected capacity.”