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Pothole Repairs Ongoing

Municipal crews are keeping busy, filling in potholes around Chatham-Kent.

“We’re not able necessarily to keep up with all of them, but the crews are out there, and eventually we will catch up,” says Director of Public Works Miguel Pelletier. “Every time there’s a freeze-thaw cycle, it’s warm during the day and it freezes at night. If there is water inside the asphalt that came in from melt or rain, when it freezes it creates a bigger space, and then when it melts, the water goes away and then you have a void. That creates the pothole.”

While crews are out repairing potholes, they are also evaluating roads that might need to be completely redone.

“We do also look at the conditions of roads now to see if we have to readjust our programs for paving roads and all that,” says Pelletier. “So if there’s something that’s changed a lot over the winter compared to last fall, we are still able to make some adjustments.”

Pelletier says it’s easy to report a pothole to the municipality, just call 519-360-1998, or email, ckinfo@chatham-kent.ca.