Jeramy “Hoogie” Donais on left. (Photo courtesy of Steve Presant, Erie Ridge Communications).

Chatham Man Travels World With Rock Bands

A Chatham man’s love for music has taken him all around the world, working with some of North America’s biggest rock bands.

Jeramy “Hoogie” Donais says he works more on the production side of the music industry. He says his career started about 20 years ago when he graduated high school and was hanging out with the “wrong people.”

“One thing led to another and I got in with Nettwerk Management who worked with Treble Charger and Sum 41 at the time,” says Donais. “I got on the road with them. Through them, I ended up meeting the Sam Roberts Band and went out with them for a few years and Theory of a Deadman… it just kept snowballing from there.”

Donais says bands hire him to help them with a seamless transition from smaller venues to arenas around the world.

“I try to be very humble in regards to this. It’s been an amazing experience getting to see the world with these artists,” says Donais. “I’ve gotten to actually go to 52 countries now around the world touring with these bands.”

Donais is getting ready for an upcoming tour with Florida’s Shinedown, a popular band from the southern U.S.

“They’ve actually got their sixth record that will be dropping within the months to come. There will be a new single coming very soon,” says Donais. “We are getting ready to do extensive touring around the world.”

Donais says the first show of the tour is March 23 in Deadwood, North Dakota. He says the band will then head to Canada to play in a couple shows with another band called In This Moment. The tour will then move to the west coast of Canada and keep going until the last week of May.

Donais says there are also some show dates pending in Ontario that will be announced at a later date.

He says after the tour wraps up they are heading to Europe to perform in some of the major festivals there.