Taylor Lidster in the lab. (Image via. YouTube)

Local Student In Science Contest

A Chatham-Kent native is in the running for a science contest, but she needs your help.

Taylor Lidster is currently studying for her Master’s Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at Brock University, and has created a 60-second video explaining her research of fruit flies.

“We share about a 75% similarity in genes. And what’s interesting is that we can research these genes in fruit flies, and see how that translates to humans. So it’s really ideal to use as a model organism,” says Lidster.

Lidster says she works with specially bred fruit flies.

“We kind of tailor them to mess up some processes and see what underlying effects are caused with particular diseases. Like, let’s say, colon cancer, or Parkinson’s disease, and all these really intricate genetic diseases,” says Lidster.

The deadline to watch the video is Friday, March 2.

“The 25 most viewed YouTube videos end up going to the final round, and 15 of those 25 finalists get selected for cash prizes,” says Lidster. “Smallest cash prize is $2,000, and the largest one is $3,500.”

The contest is put on by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.