Canadian Red Cross van. Photo by Jake Jeffrey. May 6, 2016 (

Red Cross Helps Chatham-Kent Flood Victims

The Canadian Red Cross says it will be doing its part to help Chatham-Kent flood victims in the coming weeks.

Disaster Management Advisor Donna Girard says the organization worked closely with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and social services to provide a shelter for residents during the flooding.

“If they were flooded out and had nowhere to go, they were directed over to the John D. Bradley Centre. The Red Cross was set up there with some cots and blankets and had some food there for the individuals,” says Girard.

She says the shelter was open until Sunday at noon when the water levels began to recede.

“I think there were a number of people that were affected. We were really pretty tied up at the Bradley¬†Centre, so I didn’t get a chance to go around, but it really did look like there was lots of water in basements,” says Girard. “There wasn’t a lot of people who did actually come and stay at the shelter, so they either were able to stay in their homes or they went to family and friends.”

Girard says the Red Cross has been directed to have residents who are in need of further assistance call the municipality at 519-360-1998.

“We’ll take our direction from the municipality to see what the initial needs are at that time,” she says.

Girard says donations are always welcome, not just for the flooding in Chatham-Kent but for all disasters.