Flooding on Thames St. Chatham Sunday morning. February 25, 2018. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Lights Are Still Off For Some CK Flooding Victims

Entegrus officials are asking for patience from customers who had their power shut off because of flooding concerns in Chatham-Kent.

President Jim Hogan says as of 12pm Monday, about 21 customers still had their power shut off because of safety concerns.

“If any of their electrical outlets and equipment were underwater, we do need to do an additional review,” says Hogan.

In order for those customers to have their power turned back on, Hogan says they will need a licensed electrician to go in and assess their home. After that, Entegrus will still need approval from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

“[The ESA] has additional resources in our area to help us out because of the emergency,” says Hogan. “Once the electrician says it’s ‘OK,’ customers should get connected rather quickly.”

Hogan says once the customer gets a licensed electrician to give Entegrus approval, their power should be re-connected within the day. He says Entegrus and the ESA are both making additional resources available for customers as a result of the flooding.

Any customers who have questions about the steps they need to take to have their power reconnected should contact Entegrus’ customer service line at 519 352 6300 or go to their website by clicking here.