Police Briefs-Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chatham-Kent police say a man was arrested after shutting off his neighbour’s electricity.

Police say on Friday, a resident in Howard Township called police to complain about their neighbour.

After a dispute between the two residents, police say the 29-year-old male suspect broke into a locked utility room and shut off his neighbour’s electricity.

Police arrived and were able to mediate the situation with the landlord, though the man was not at home when this took place.

Shortly after, police say the man returned home and broke back into the utility room to shut the power off again.

The man was arrested for multiple counts of mischief and released with a future court date.

Police are giving Chatham-Kent residents a few safety tips as water levels continue to rise in the municipality.

Drivers are warned to avoid flooded roads as deep water can cause damage to your vehicle or disable it, causing a dangerous situation for first responders to come and retrieve you.

If you can’t avoid these areas , police recommend staying home.

There is also a high risk of drowning in these areas, so residents should avoid the water at all costs.

Residents should also try to check on vulnerable neighbours if possible.

For emergencies, call 911.