Thamesville & Chatham brace for flooding on Friday. Photo taken Feb 22, 2018. (Photo courtesy of Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority)

Water Expected To Flood Streets In Thamesville

Emergency officials in Chatham-Kent are urging Thamesville residents to prepare for the worst as floodwaters continue to move down the Thames River.

Chatham-Kent Fire and EMS Chief Bob Crawford says that means packing a bag that has enough clothing and supplies in it to last you for 72 hours.

“If they have to leave their residences, it’s hard to predict how long before they will be able to get back into their homes,” says Crawford. “Pack a few things, pack your medications, any cash you’re going to need and make some arrangements for your pets — you should do that now before the water arrives.”

The peak of the floodwaters are still on track to arrive in Thamesville sometime Friday afternoon before peaking in Chatham shortly after that.

Crawford says emergency crews will be out in Thamesville Friday morning speaking with residents and business owners who may be affected by flooding.

“We’re fairly certain we’re going to have a flood event this evening,” says Crawford, adding the water is expected to spill onto the street level. “The depths that the [conservation authority] is talking about in town is up to half a metre of water in the streets — and that causes a lot of problems for people’s basements as well as their properties.”

Crawford is suggesting that residents who have valuable items in their house that could be damaged by floodwater should raise them up off the floor, especially if they are in the basement of your home.