The Chatham-Kent Children's Service office in Chatham. (Photo by Ashton Patis)

Foster Families Wanted In CK

Chatham-Kent Children’s Services is in need of foster families, especially for teenagers.

“That can be a day to day unique experience, and so there’s maybe a little bit more hesitation in having to raise someone else’s teens,” says resource worker Anna Bell. “At the same time, they’re really unique individuals and they have so much to give. It really is about how much you invest at to how much you gain out of the experience.”

But Bell says it’s not just teens, though, they need foster homes for every age.

“The best part of fostering is matching to the right family for a child, because the more homes that we have, we have a better opportunity to find the best fit for a child that comes into care,” she says.

Bell says one of the biggest challenges for foster families, is letting the foster children go.

“We do encourage them to love these children like their own, and to embrace them and help them. It’s really encouraging to see those bond relationships,” says Bell. “Often times our foster families are successful in reintegrating and working with families so children can go home or move to family, and sometimes even adoption.”

Tonight’s information session is taking place at 7pm at 495 Grand Ave. W in Chatham. Pre-registration is not required.