Chatham-Kent Police Cruiser. (Photo courtesy of CK Police)

Road Safety Blitz Results In Dozens Of Charges,Tickets

Chatham-Kent police are cracking down on distracted drivers and people who don’t wear seatbelts in the municipality.

According to a news release, the Chatham-Kent Police Service’s Traffic Management unit conducted a road safety blitz throughout the week called “Operation CREED.” It is reported that several violations were noticed and infractions were enforced.

Police say 20 drivers were charged with holding a cellphone, 15 seatbelt tickets were issued, and 17 tickets were handed out for various offenses.

“Our ultimate goal was to raise awareness of the risks associated with distracted driving and other roadway infractions, such as improper seatbelt use through educational and enforcement means,” says Traffic Sargent Matt Stezycki. “Statistics have indicated distracted driving as one of the major factors involved with motor vehicle collisions that are serious or fatal in nature, and failure to properly wear seatbelts further complicates these events.”

According to Stezycki, seatbelt infractions come with a $240 fine along with two demerit points, while distracted driving-related offences hold a $490 fine with three demerit points.

“We will continue our efforts with a focus of improving the safety of our Community, including those who visit it, and will remain vigilant and creative with our educational and enforcement related initiatives. In the end, a reduction in occurrence rate of distracted driving and related collisions, along with compliance of Roadway Safety Regulations is the ultimate goal,” he says. “Achieving this target will take a collective effort from the entire Chatham-Kent Community.”