Homeless child. (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / yarruta)

Chatham-Kent Joins Fight To End Homelessness

Chatham-Kent is joining communities across the country in a national movement to end homelessness.

A news release states that the municipality will be participating in the 20,000 Homes Campaign, which is a national movement of communities working together to permanently house 20,000 of Canada’s most vulnerable homeless people by July 1, 2020.

“We believe it is possible to end homelessness in Chatham-Kent,” says Valerie Colasanti, director of employment & social services and co-chair of the CK Housing and Homelessness Committee. “Joining the 20,000 Homes Campaign and participating in our first ever registry week will give us data and information that will not only help us in homelessness planning, but will connect those most in need with long-term, stable housing.”

During the week of April 9 to 14, trained volunteers will count and survey residents who either don’t have stable housing or are homeless.

“Our count will provide a ‘snapshot’ of homelessness in Chatham-Kent and become a measurement of the number of people experiencing homelessness over a specific period of time,” says Colasanti. “The count will improve our understanding of the needs and circumstances of people who are affected by homelessness in our community.”

According to Colasanti, results from the registry week will be made publicly available.

“We will use the results of the count to improve our response to homelessness. In the future, successive counts will allow us to measure progress towards our ultimate goal: ending homelessness in Chatham-Kent,” she says.