(Photo by Cheryl Johnstone)

Food Freedom Day In CK

February 9 is Food Freedom Day in Chatham-Kent.

“Food Freedom Day is the day when the average Canadian has earned enough income to pay for their groceries for the entire year,” says Mary Anne Udvari, event chair and director with the Kent Federation of Agriculture.

Udvari says they marked the day by asking local farmers and businesses to donate to local food banks.

“We’re still working on totals, but we have received over $5,000 in monetary donations. We’ve received everything from canned pickles, and mushrooms, apples, pears,” she says.

The money and food will be donated to the Chatham-Kent Salvation Army and Outreach for Hunger.

“We’re so fortunate that we have such a vast selection of safe, and healthy, and abundant food at affordable prices right here. We’re very proud of that,” says Udvari, adding that Chatham-Kent is lucky because the region gets to┬ácelebrate the day much earlier than other countries. “We are so fortunate here in Canada and Chatham-Kent, that within approximately 40 days of the year, we have earned enough income to pay for our groceries.”