(Photo courtesy of Alberta Transportation)

Build The Barrier Group To Continue Pressuring Government

A group that has pushed for concrete median barriers on Hwy. 401 between Tilbury and London says it is cautiously optimistic.

The Build the Barrier group is pleased that the Ontario government announced┬áit is planning on building a concrete median barrier on the stretch of Hwy. 401 that has been referred to by some as “carnage alley.”

Transportation minister Kathryn McGarry also said Monday that high tension cable barriers will be installed as soon as possible as a short term solution.

But Build the Barrier founder Alysson Storey said they won’t stop pressuring the government until the concrete median is in place.

“We’re going to keep pushing because the cable barriers are good to a point, but it only protects 50% of the vehicles,” she said. “Our vehicles here are 50% trucks and 50% everything else, and if the cables don’t protect from trucks, we’re leaving 50% of our drivers totally unprotected and in danger.”

“We know that it’s not going to be a short process, but it will be worth it in the end,” said Storey. “We will be holding the government’s feet to the fire to make sure that that is done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so we are far from done.”

Storey is cautiously optimistic that the government will follow through with the promise.

“We are certainly appreciative of their interest,” she said. “They have been communicating with us about their plans. I feel like they’ve been listening to their concerns. We’re pleased, but we are not done.”

The Build the Barrier group will host a town hall meeting on Wednesday, February 7, at the Lambeth Community Centre.