(Screenshot from "The Shelter" trailer on https://www.jx3media.com/)

Chatham Filmmaker Debuts New Miniseries

A web series with several ties to Chatham is making its debut Canadian online Thursday.

Chatham’s Rob Bellamy co-directed The Shelter, which was shot over a period of three days in the cellar of a local comic book store.

“It’s a post-apocalyptic story of people trapped in a room that are trying desperately to get out,” says Bellamy. “Just from the opening, you find out that the door hasn’t opened in 67 days… for this story, it opens.”

The film series has already been airing on Amazon Prime in the United States and the United Kingdom since January 1 and has developed an unlikely fan base.

“So far, it’s very well-received in the U.S., but apparently bigger in Germany,” says Bellamy. “I’m not sure why — but yeah, there’s far more viewing going on in Germany.”

Bellamy says he co-directed the film with one of his friends, Jason Mac, who flew in from Los Angeles. The pair then spent three days in the cellar of the comic book store, filming the short series. Six of the actors involved are from Toronto, one is from LA and one is from Chatham.

You can search for The Shelter for free on indievue.com — it will be up and active starting at 8pm.