24-year-old Roxanne Bilski is set to compete at the 2018 Miss World Canada pageant. (Photo courtesy of Roxanne Bilski)

Chatham Native To Compete At Pageant

Roxanne Bilski is getting ready to attend the 2018 Miss World Canada pageant.

The 24-year-old, who now lives and works in Toronto, was chosen at a competition on the weekend of January 20-21, to represent the Toronto District and Ontario.

“I didn’t know much about pageants, or what to expect, but I was inspired to try something new and go out of the comfort zone and see what this opportunity would bring,” said Bilski, who was competing in her first pageant. “I’ve had such a great experience, and I’m excited to see where it will take me.”

Bilski says it was a completely new experience for her.

“We learned how to walk on stage, how to pose, which looked more difficult than I had initially thought. And then we learned how to engage with the audience and how to speak in front of a large audience,” she says.

But Bilski says the pageant also focuses on inner beauty.

“I’m currently an ambassador for a campaign called #OnHerTeam. So I work with a group of individuals, and we come together and we discuss some of the important issues that women face in society today and propose some solutions,” she says.

The 2018 Miss World Canada pageant will take place this summer. Voting opens on August 12.

Bilski is also looking for sponsorships to help offset the costs. She can be reached at roxanneformissworld2018@gmail.com.