Boys' change room at the Ridgetown arena. December 18, 2017. (Photo by Sarah Cowan Blackburn News Chatham-Kent).

Municipality To Review Arena Dressing Rooms

After girls at the Ridgetown Arena were left without a change room, the municipality’s administration will be doing an analysis of arena change rooms in Chatham-Kent.

Councillor Bob Myers’ motion for administration to prepare an information report that outlines dressing room usage at each arena in Chatham-Kent passed 16-0 at Monday night’s council meeting.

Councillor Brock McGregor felt the motion is a great opportunity to learn more and decided to add his own amendment to the motion, with the support of Myers.

The motion now calls for a “summary of current use, and recommendations of expansion of use, of an equity-lens in municipal decision making and policy development.”

McGregor says this amendment essentially means that administration should ask questions to make sure possible changes to the arenas are beneficial to equity in the municipality. He describes equity as equal benefits for all.

Myers says female players at the Ridgetown Arena were left without a proper place to change after the AAA Cyclones travel team took over their change room.

Council agreed to push back the deadline for the report to the March 5 council meeting to allow more time for administration to prepare.