Police Briefs- Sunday, January 28, 2018

A phone scam is continuing to make the rounds in Chatham-Kent.

Police say residents continue to receive false, fraudulent phone calls from unknown suspects pretending to work for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Through high pressure tactics, the person receiving the call believes they are in tax trouble.

According to the CRA‘s website, legitimate agents will never contact you on the phone or ask for prepaid gift cards.

For information on scams or to report deceptive telemarketing contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online.


Chatham-Kent police would like to remind residents that 911 is for major life-and-death emergencies only.

The service says they have received at least 21 false 911 calls this weekend.

Any attention given to these unnecessary calls pulls officers, firefighters and paramedics away from emergencies where every minute may count.

Police remind residents that if there is a crime in progress or a medical emergency to, by all means, call 911. However, for non-emergency incidents, the number to call is (519) 352-1234/

General inquiries should be directed to (519) 436-6600, ext. 222. Do not call 911 to get general information, get road condition updates or report lost pets.