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Value Of Construction Goes Up In Chatham-Kent

Chatham-Kent says the value of construction rose in the municipality by more than $53-million last year.

According to a news release, the value of construction in Chatham-Kent topped the $144-million mark during 2017.

Final figures for the year showed permits declined from 995 in 2016 to 969 last year, but the total value of the permits was significantly higher than 2016’s mark of $95.1-million.

The release states that the single biggest increase was in the industrial category. Last year 71 permits, valued at $41-million were issued, compared to 32 permits for $3.3-million, which were issued the year before.

The municipality says the community also saw an overall increase on the strength of residential work, which grew from $46.8-million to $62.7-million. Included in this number is 127 new dwellings, valued at $38.7-million.

Slight increases were seen in the commercial category ($14.7-million up from $14.2-million) and institutional ($7.6-million from $7.4-million).

The value of agricultural construction declined from $19.3-million to $18.2-million.