(BlackburnNews.com file photo by Matt Weverink)

Careless Driving Charge After New Year’s Crash

Chatham-Kent OPP are issuing a reminder to drivers that you may need more than just a couple of hours to sober up after a night of drinking.

That reminder comes after a 25-year-old man from Seattle, Washington crashed a vehicle into the center median of the Hwy. 401 at around 6am on January 1.

Police say the man allegedly lost control of the vehicle before it went into the median and that after speaking with the man, the officer at the scene determined the driver had been drinking alcohol.

A roadside test registered an “Alert,” so the man’s driver’s licence was suspended for three days. He was also charged with careless driving as a result of the investigation.

Police are reminding drivers that even if you have gone to sleep after a night of drinking, you could still wake up with a blood-alcohol content that’s over the legal limit.

Officers say there is no way to speed up the way your body processes alcohol, adding it “can depend on a number of factors including your size, gender, age, the state of your liver, your metabolism, how much food you have eaten, the type and strength of the alcohol you’ve consumed and whether you’re taking medication.”

Police say the best recipe for preparing yourself to drive the day after drinking is to be patient and wait for your body to properly process the alcohol you have consumed.