(Photo courtesy of Environment Canada -- https://weather.gc.ca/marine/region_e.html?mapID=11)

Freezing Spray Warning In Effect For Western Lake Erie

Boaters and residents living along western Lake Erie could be in for an icy start to the new year.

With the wind picking up over the lake, Environment Canada’s Marine Forecast currently has a Freezing Spray Warning in effect for western Lake Erie. That warning started early Tuesday morning and is expected to continue into Wednesday night.

The greatest risk is that spray from the lake could freeze on the outside of any ships that are in the water as well as other structures that may be in the lake or near the water’s edge.

The Marine Forecast says winds are expected to peak early Tuesday afternoon with sustained winds of around 45 km/h and gusts of around 65 km/h. It’s also predicting that the wind could cause waves of up to 2 m.

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority is also issuing a caution to residents living along the lake, saying that there is some ice cover along the shoreline, but it’s not clear if that will be enough to prevent more flooding along the coast. Because the temperatures are also expected to remain well below freezing, officials say there is a risk of icy conditions both on private property and on the roadway.

At this point, the conservation authority is only issuing a Flood Outlook as a heads-up that there is the potential for flooding along the lake, but officials are continuing to monitor the situation and update the advisory if necessary.