Generic meteor shower. (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / Rastan)

Geminid Meteor Shower: ‘Once In A Lifetime Opportunity’

If you’re lucky and there’s a break in the clouds Wednesday night, you might get a chance to see the best meteor shower of the year.

Backyard Astronomer Gary Boyle says the annual Geminid meteor shower will peak Wednesday night and last until Thursday morning. Boyle says it is the best meteor shower of the entire year.

“During meteor showers, the Earth plows through a debris field left over from comets that have circled the sun. In this case, we’ll see about 120 meteors per hour. These guys are very long, bright, slow streaks in the sky — about 35 km/s.” says Boyle.

Boyle says the celestial event is truly spectacular.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you’re going to look at a meteor shower, dress up, and look at this one. It’s really mother nature at her best,” he says.

Boyle says binoculars are not required to watch the showers, but he says they may be helpful to catch a glimpse of the smoke trails or “trains” that linger in the sky.

He says the best place to view the Geminids are out in the country and open fields away from city lights.

According to Boyle, the rising of the crescent moon at 3:45am will not interfere with this year’s display.