Chatham-Kent Police Service Headquarters. (Photo courtesy of the Chatham-Kent police)

Masked Men Break Into Blenheim Apartment

Chatham-Kent police say they have two suspects in custody after a robbery was reported in Blenheim.

Police say two masked men allegedly broke into an apartment on Talbot St. W. just after 3am Wednesday.

Officers say someone was home at the time and confronted the suspects. Police say at that point, the man who was inside the apartment and the two men who allegedly broke in all started fighting, but when the victim was able to defend himself, the other two men fled the area.

The person who fought off the break-in suspects went to the hospital after the alleged attack and got medical attention for undisclosed injuries.

Police say the victim was also able to identify two suspects in connection with the case, adding they were arrested a couple of hours after the break-in and are still in custody.

An 18-year-old Blenheim man and a 22-year-old Blenheim man are now charged with break-and-enter, wearing a disguise with intent, aggravated assault, and robbery. The 22-year-old man is also charged with possession of a prohibited weapon.