Devos Furniture entrance from inside the Retro Suites. May 2, 2017. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Devos Furniture Expanding Showroom In Chatham

A Chatham furniture company is expanding again with a brand new showroom set to open in the new year.

Owner Ryan Devos’ business Chairs & More recently expanded to Devos Furniture in May. Devos Furniture is located within the Retro Suites Hotel on King St. in Chatham.

“We’ve enjoyed the success being in the downtown core, which is nice. The community has embraced the new look, feel, and vibe of the store,” says Devos.

Devos says he is now expanding the store in the same premises by adding an additional showroom of contemporary home furnishings. He says the new showroom space is currently in the works and is set to open in January.

“The success of the location that we currently have has been overwhelming for us and we have the opportunity to expand within the building. There’s a need for quality contemporary furnishings in Chatham and we’re going to fill that need,” says Devos.

Devos says the new showroom will feature a brand new collection called “Four Walls.”

“It’s all going to be quality Canadian-made home furnishings, much like what we have in the existing space, but with a little different flair and style to it,” says Devos.