Clock ticking on possible St Clair College strike. Sept 29, 2017. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

St. Clair College Takes A Hit As More Students Dropout

The final numbers are in and St. Clair College lost 1,232 students this semester because of the faculty strike.

The last day to withdraw from classes and be eligible for a tuition refund was December 5.

Michael Silvaggi, associate vice president of student services and registrar, says the college will take a $3.6-million hit because of the refunds but hopes most of the revenue can eventually be recovered when students re-enrol to continue their courses.

“That would be the attributed revenue to those students if they remained enrolled for the fall and winter semester. That is something that we do need to address,” says Silvaggi.

He says he knows some of the students will start fresh in January and that will bring some relief to the college’s annual budget.

“The college does have some January programs that students may have been in the fall that they can start again in January. So, we know that there’s going to be some relief that way,” Silvaggi says.

Silvaggi hopes to have final revenue numbers sorted out by the third week of January and says international students could take the sting out of the current revenue loss. He says international enrollment numbers for January are extremely high.

Students can still apply for the student support fund until the end of April. Those applications will be reviewed starting December 11.