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CO Detector Creates False Alarm

Chatham-Kent Fire and Emergency Services (CKFES) is reminding residents to check house-hold carbon monoxide detectors, after a couple experienced a bit of a scare.

A media release from CKFES says Anthony and Joanne Kaser were a little startled when their carbon monoxide alarm went off on November 2, around 10pm.

“We called our son, who works at Union Gas, and he told us, ‘you won’t smell anything, carbon monoxide is the silent killer, you need to get out of the house and you need to call now,’” says Anthony in the release.

Fire crews checked the home to make sure the Kaser’s fuel burning appliances were intact. As it turns out, the alarm was going off because it had expired.

“The Kasers did the right thing,” says Deputy Station Chief James Adams. “The last thing we want is for a family to be injured or worse because they didn’t call 911.”

CKFES is reminding people that home alarm checks are available through their CIRP program. Visit or call 519-360-1998 to request one.