Police Briefs – Monday, November 13, 2017

Trucker Charged With Failing To Move Over

Chatham-Kent OPP say a transport truck driver from Brampton is charged after he allegedly failed to move over for an officer who was stopped at the side of the Hwy. 401.

Police say an OPP officer was conducting a traffic stop on the highway near Duart Rd. at around 11:30am Sunday when an eastbound tractor trailer that was passing the cruiser failed to slow down or move over.

An officer pulled the transport truck over after that and charged a 58-year-old Brampton man with failing to slow down and failing to proceed with caution for an emergency vehicle. The driver was also charged with driving after spending 14 hours on duty without eight hours off.

Officers are reminding the public that fines for anyone convicted under the “move over” law can range from $400 to $2,000 for a first offence and between $1,000 and $4,000 or imprisonment for up to six months for any offences after that. You can also have your licence suspended for up to two years — even on a first offence.

If you’re not able to move over safely when you are passing an emergency vehicle that’s pulled over on the side of the road, you are still required to slow down.


Chatham Man Arrested After Trying To Steal Ex’s Dog

A 56-year-old Chatham man is charged with break-and-enter after police allegedly caught him in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment early Monday morning.

Police say the man broke in sometime around 2am and tried to take his ex’s dog.

Officers quickly arrived at the apartment and found the man, who was still inside the apartment.

The accused was taken into custody where he’s being held pending a bail hearing.


Chatham Man Arrested For Breaking Lights At CKHA

Chatham-Kent police say a 28-year-old Chatham man is in trouble with the law after some lights were damaged at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance.

Police say the accused went to the hospital on September 19 and caused about $300 in damage to three lights that light up the sidewalk on the south side of the building.

By the time officers arrived, the man had already taken off, but police issued a warrant for his arrest and later picked him up on Wellington St. in Chatham.


Blenheim Man Arrested For Breaching Release Conditions

A 33-year-old Blenheim man is back in police custody after allegedly moving out of a residence without telling police.

Officers say the man was released from custody on October 29 with several conditions, including one to notify police if he changed his address.

He was also ordered not to show up to a specific address in Ridgetown.

Officers say when they showed up at the place in Blenheim where the man was supposed to be living, they found out he wasn’t living there anymore and hadn’t been for some time. Police say they later found the man at the address in Ridgetown where he wasn’t supposed to be.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of breaching his court conditions.