Councillor Jeff Wesley at Chatham-Kent council meeting held on August 21, 2017. (Photo by Sarah Cowan Blackburn News Chatham-Kent)

Wesley/Jakubec Financial Settlement Still Muddy

It’s still not clear if Water Wells First spokesperson Kevin Jakubec has arranged to pay Chatham-Kent Councillor Jeff Wesley.

The media was not allowed in the Chatham-Kent courtroom while the one hour Jakubec financial hearing was held on Wednesday.┬áThe examination hearing was to go over Jakubec’s finances and requires someone in debt to disclose income, expenses, debts and assets.

The lawyers for both sides had no comment afterwards, only saying the matter is before the court.

Wesley is still seeking $25,000 won in a civil lawsuit this summer after Jakubec made defamatory comments about him early this year. Jakubec told a local paper that Wesley misled the public and he cannot be trusted in reference to turbid water wells thought to be caused by the pile driving of wind turbines.

Wesley will be donating all funds to a charity or group dedicated to the preservation of clean drinking water.